6 Videogame Endings That Made Gamers Feel Insulted and Disrespected


Credit: Ubisoft

Prince of Persia

There’s nothing quite like the feeling that all of your hard work has gone to waste. Prince of Persia unfortunately inspires that feeling. Similar to the time I accidentally wrote an entire report for my history class on the wrong topic then had to delete all of my hard work and start over, Prince of Persia demands you to undo everything you worked for in the first 15 hours of the game. You were told to protect some magic trees by a beautiful princess, then those same trees somehow kill that same princess and you have to chop down all of the trees in order to bring her back to life. It’s a strange concept and was incredibly frustrating. You could have just let the “enemies” cut down the trees in the first place and all of that trouble would’ve been avoided. It was a massive waste of time.

Credit: Nintendo

Super Mario Bros.

You haven’t truly felt rage until you’ve finished the original Super Mario Bros. game. If you haven’t played the game before, imagine this scenario: After hours and hours and hours of stomping on goombas, firing koopa shells, and accidentally falling to your death, you’ve finally made it to the eighth and final castle. You work your way through the iconic rendering of Bowser’s Castle before encountering King Koopa himself. After a colossal boss battle, you finally move on to the next room to release Princess Peach. However, there’s only a Toad in the room. AND GUESS WHAT HE TELLS YOU… “THANK YOU MARIO! BUT OUR PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE!” THE NERVE OF THIS GUY! After all that time, your journey was basically worthless. One of the best games of all time has an ending that’s basically a punch in the face.