6 Worst Perverts in Videogames That People Wanted Banned

We’re sure you know at least one video game character that is a little bit explicit in language and behavior. Innuendos or straight up sexual remarks are some of the most popular marks of a video game pervert. Because we were curious about the most prominent characters that feature such a behavior, we decided to make a list featuring the creepiest of the bunch. The list is based on the intensity of the language used or the vulgarity of the gestures made, but we also took into consideration the subtlety and nuances of their discourse.

6. Kratos – God of War series
The God of War is not just the mythical warrior that defeats Ares, a task that, let’s be honest, would be very exhausting for him, but he is also an orgy enthusiast. He engages in sessions with multiple women and as a result he gains orbs of power. Because apparently that’s how sex works… Even though this is not one of the game’s main subjects, Kratos can definitely be included on the pervert video game characters list due to the intensity and amplitude of the act.

5. Solid Snake – Metal Gear Solid series
The Metal Gear Solid protagonist is not only a seasoned soldier but also a lady lover. He likes to explore dirty magazines and sexy photographs of women but above all he has an eye for women’s chests and legs. Solid Snake employs all kinds of stealth techniques to stare at ladies’ curves, such as throwing something on the ground so that he can crouch down in order to feast his eyes on some up-skirt pleasure .

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