7 videogame secrets that were meant to be hidden forever

Who doesn’t love the good ol “Easter Eggs” in videogames? Although many other mediums are known to feature them, videogames take the cake when it comes to being the most widespread and popular medium to feature them on a consistent basis.

Developers love to pay homage in their own way to things they love or people they admire within their games and often time leave easter eggs that can be a treat for gamers to discover.

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However, there are some secrets that the developers just left in their games for trolling the hell out of gamers. They didn’t ever expect you: the player – to unravel these mysteries ever. But being, the adamant slobs that we are, we eventually found them out.

The fact that some of these took years to discover is reason enough to believe that the devs never wanted us to figure these out –

Masturbation Scene in SiN (1998)


SiN was the direct result of the introduction of 3D graphics and the aftermath which immediately followed that saw many developers trying to cash in by coming up with overly sexual characters and game concepts.

The game released in 1998, featured the cliched master villain in the form of Elexis Sinclaire (who spells this way?), who was a female megalomaniac out to destroy the world. If that wasn’t cringe-worthy enough, one level in the game has the player visiting Elexis’ compound. Look around enough and you will find a hidden security camera feed which contains footage of her touching herself in a hot tub.

Yeah, it also contained vulgar moaning sounds which seemed to be taken right out of a porn flick in case you were wondering. Your guess is as good as ours as to why the developers decided this would be an interesting secret to be put in the game.

The pointy boobs were torture enough but now thanks to a over curious gamer, the entire world was subject to such visuals. It wasn’t a surprise when the game bombed as badly as the developers idea to put this inside the game.

Cameos by Rooster Teeth in Halo 3


If you’ve been playing Halo, you must know about Rooster Teeth. These are guys who came up with the amazing Halo related videos made entirely inside the game. They were admittedly hilarious and the team soon became an internet sensation.

However, not many would have guessed that the developers of Halo 3 actually featured them inside the game. In one of the early levels of the game called “Crow’s Nest”, there’s a way not only to find the team behind Rooster Teeth but listen to their banter for minutes at end.

You just need to go to the right in a particular hallway around the mid-way point of the level and you’ll find a locked door with a marine outside trying to talk new recruits into joining the battle. The soldiers inside the locked room are infact the team from Rooster Teeth with their signature Red Vs Blue outfits and doing what they do best: cracking wise and having fun.