7 videogames where the bad guys actually win

Being a bad guy in a videogame is a tough life and a thankless job. Sure, you get some momentary wins and manage to hand out a few Game Overs along the way, but whenever you’re about to kill the hero it’s like their health suddenly starts to refill out of nowhere, they never seem to run out of ammo, and all the other bad guys seem to run out like sheep to a slaughter. But, every now and then, the evil side manages to squeak out a W.

Major spoilers ahead: 

7. Shadow of the Colossus

image: youtube


As you journey the land, looking for giant beasts to annihilate, do you ever stop to wonder if maybe you they’re not the bad guys after all? As it turns out, once you’ve toppled the last of them, evil power is allowed to overtake you. At this point, a group of actual good guys show up to put an end to you, until the evil is reborn and the game ends. Nice job.


6. Singularity

image: youtube

There are multiple endings here, and none of them are very positive in the grand scheme of things. You’ve got to decide who you shoot at the end, either a scientist or a military dude. The scientist invented the Time Manipulation Device, and the military guy wants to use it. You can also shoot both of them. But regardless of which option you take, things aren’t going to end well.

You’ve either got a guy taking over the technology and using it to control the world, or a terrible civil war, or shoot them both and become a tyrannical dictator.

5. Diablo

image: denofgeek.com

This series is notorious for letting you think you’ve made a small victory in the name of good, only to see evil prosper ultimately. At the end of the first game, you sacrifice yourself to try to trap Diablo himself inside of a Soul Stone, but Diablo ends up possessing you and carrying on, business as usual. You try smashing these Soul Stones in Diablo 2, but Baal ends up on the loose and the battle continues.