8 Most Addictive iPhone Games That Are Worth Playing in 2017

Mobile platforms offer the opportunity of enjoying games wherever and whenever you feel like playing a quick match. Most of the titles are created for all of the operating systems available on mobile phones, so everyone is able to enjoy them. The selection of games you can play on an iOS based portable platform is quite extensive and you can definitely find a game for every type of gamer out there. If you don’t know what to play anymore or you think you’ve tried all of the imaginable games, you should watch our Top 8 Best iOS games for some new inspiration.

Tricky Trip

tricky trip
The first title on our list has actually been considered to be way too addictive. The mobile developers of Tricky Trip take everything that makes mobile games cool and put it into a great package. Like many others, this game is an infinite runner, with a bit of extra mystery. Nevertheless, the visuals and gameplay do separate it from the pack. It is extremely unpretentious but entertaining and addicting. The intuitive one-touch controls make it easy to pick up and the game itself is hard to put down. You roll a ball down an infinite tube with gaps to be avoided. You don’t move the ball, but rather the tube itself. The more you rotate the tube, the faster the game gets. Tricky Trip is chock full of unlockables and is an indisputable champion on the mobile platform. Download for free here.

7. Asphalt Xtreme: Offroad Racing
You can go off road in one of the 35 Monster Trucks available or, if you like, an SUV, a Buggy, a Pickup or a Rally Car. This game has no rules and no roads so if you’re a hardcore rally gamer then you’ll certainly be very pleased to take it for a spin. Asphalt Xtreme: Offroad Racing has a real-time multiplayer version where you can go head-to-head with up to eight competitors, so in terms of diversity, this game is pretty generous.

6. Crashlands
Crashlands is an action-adventure role-playing video game where you have to craft items in order to survive in the wasteland. It features skilled based combat, RPG style character progression and an immense world comprised of 3 continents and four races. It has been compared with the gameplay style of Don’t Starve and it is one of the best received iOS games of 2016, being considered a very balanced and complex title.

5. Steppy Pants
Steppy Pants is a very realistic walking simulator that offers endless hours of fun. You have to make the character take a stroll without stepping on the cracks between concrete segments or on the gaps between crosswalk lines. It’s both amazingly funny and amusingly frustrating to try and control the two thin legs that seem to go in all the imaginable directions except the one you really want them to. This game surely deserves to be tried if you’re in for testing your patience.

4. The Trail – A Frontier Journey
Peter Molyneux brought you The Trail on iPhone so now you can enjoy an adventure where you can explore, craft, collect, trade, discover and build, the final goal being to reach the town of Eden Falls. It is a game that draws its life from titles such as The Oregon Trail and other survival based titles that focus on the idea of traveling long distances while carefully managing resources. The Trail has a very pleasant design and it offers a relaxing and fulfilling gameplay.

3. INKS.
INKS. is a Pinball like game with an artistic twist. It allows you to relax while creating wondrous splashes of colored ink that transform into intricate designs. The pigment is spread across the canvas once the ball hits the dyed tiles. It’s an amazingly pleasant and easy way of having fun while feeling like a true abstract painter. The tables available are inspired by artists such as Jackson Pollock, Henry Mattise and Bridget Riley.

2. Severed
Severed is an action-adventure video game where the player takes control of a warrior named Sasha, who has just one hand. She is wielding a living sword on her journey to find her lost family in a desolate and nightmarish environment. You’ll have to solve puzzles, fight monsters and develop the character’s skills in an RPG style upgrade tree. Severed has been met with very positive reviews, being appreciated for its emotional story and engaging gameplay.

1. Banner Saga 2
The second part of the award winning story-based role-playing game Banner Saga continues the Vikings’ journey in a world that crumbles. The beautifully hand drawn 2D visuals mix perfectly with the complex tactical combat and the result is, most certainly, a wonderful game. The RPG characteristics of the game are improved and the heroes can gain new stats and unlock invincible fighting moves. Banner Saga 2 is one of the most fulfilling gaming experiences one could partake in on the iOS platform.