8 Best Mobile Action Games Better Than Super Mario Run

A runner is a type of video game where the player has to permanently move in order to advance the story and win points. You also need to dodge obstacles by sliding left or right and because of this the controls offered by a touch screen are preferred and, in conclusion, the runner is a genre that can be found preponderantly on smartphones or tablets. It’s usually fast paced and requires a great deal of attention and very good reflexes. If you’re curious about the best runners that you can play on mobile platforms then we encourage you to try these out.

Tricky Trip

tricky trip
The first entry on our list developed by Pixelfame, has actually been criticized for being too addictive by concerned parents. The developers of Tricky Trip take everything that makes mobile games cool and put it into a great package. Like many others, this game is an endless runner, with a bit of added mystery. However, the visuals and gameplay separate it from the pack. It is incredibly simple but fun and addicting. The intuitive one-touch controls make it easy to pick up and the game itself is hard to put down. You roll a ball down an infinite tube with gaps to be avoided. You don’t move the ball, but rather the tube itself. The more you rotate the tube, the faster the game gets. Tricky Trip is chock full of unlockables and is an undeniable winner on the mobile platform.

7. Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run is a side-scrolling auto-running game. The player can run from left to right to avoid obstacles and jump over gaps. The goal is to collect as many coins as possible while completing the level as fast as possible. Super Mario Run was met with positive reviews, and it was downloaded 2.85 million times on the day of its iOS release, beating Pokémon Go which formerly held the record for most first-week downloads.

6. Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom
An endless runner platformer, Sonic Dash 2 is the sequel to the well-known Sonic Dash. With a new 3D rendering you can enjoy the game playing as the main hero or as Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and Sonic’s new friend, Sticks. The Team-play mode lets you play with up to three characters, being able to swap between them mid-race. Even though it’s a sequel to the original title, Sonic Dash 2 is still a pretty enjoyable mobile phone game.

5. Lara Croft: Relic Run
In this new runner action adventure, Lara Croft has to save the world from conspirators that want to, once again, destroy it. There are 3 locations that can be explored: Jungle Temple, Desert and the new Mountain Pass and the gameplay diversity is quite rewarding. You can use parkour moves to escape difficult situations, drive fast vehicles such as motorcycles and power up Lara’s weapons to help her beat bosses.

4. Alto’s Adventure
The fans of runner style mobile games can now enjoy a game that stands out in due to its simple and clean design. Alto’s Adventure features a character that repeatedly slides to the right of the screen entering various generated landscapes. The player has to tap the screen in order to jump and he can gain extra points for skilfully done tricks. The game is intended to present the idyllic atmosphere of snowboarding through its warm colors and blend of light and shadow.

3. Star Chasers – Rooftop Runners
Star Chasers is a level-based action adventure runner where you can jump, sprint, vault and wall-run in order to catch as many fallen stars as you can before Darkness and his underlings destroy them forever. You can also fight off enemies by throwing stars at them or straight up ride the creatures you need to destroy. In conclusion, besides the old runner characteristics Star Chasers offers, you can also enjoy a more action oriented gameplay.

2. Chameleon Run
Chameleon Run is an auto-runner where you have to control a cube-like character and help him avoid obstacles or jump over pits. It has been very appreciated for its unique gameplay especially for the color-switching mechanic. Every time you want to jump on a platform of a certain tone you have to also change your character’s color in order to be able to access that specific platform. You’ll need very good observation skills as well as fast decision making in order to pass the levels.

1. Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers is probably the most popular endless runner. The player takes the role of teenage hooligans who upon applying graffiti on the metro station walls have to run from the inspector and his dog. This game has had several special editions over the years, featuring different world locations and various holidays such as Halloween or Christmas. It is a very loved and played mobile game title and we think it deserves to be on the first spot in our list due mainly to its influence on the runners market.

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