8 biggest videogame mysteries nobody has been able to solve to date

It is in the nature of human beings to be fascinated by conspiracy theories, secrets and all kinds of hidden theories. And since video games are such a powerful medium, mysteries are also an important part of their heritage.

While some of them have been already solved after years of fan research and theories, others are still standing and offer some food for thought to a lot of gamers. Because we are curious beings and we like to share our inquisitiveness with you, we made a list with the 8 biggest unsolved mysteries found in the gaming world.

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W.D. Gaster – Undertale
wd gaster undertale
There aren’t any direct references to who Gaster might be, but players have found what they think to be hints at his existence. By data mining the game code and compiling dialogue from a handful of gray NPCs, some gamers believe Gaster was a skeleton scientist who conducted experiments regarding space and time.

He seemed to have been spread all around the universe after falling in one of his inventions so he actually is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Curious enough if you try to name your character Gaster when you start the game, it just boots you back to the intro video, forcing you to start over.

The Mt Chiliad Mystery – GTA 5
gta mt chiliad map
A very peculiar mural can be found inside the lift station of Mount Chiliad. Since it was first discovered, many interpretations started to emerge and one of the most common speculations is that the lines depicted could actually be tunnels that run inside the mountain and lead to rewards.

Some gamers interpreted the mural as a metaphorical path of in-game key decisions or events that could finally lead to a unique experience, while others thought about receiving a jet pack or a pilotable UFO as a reward if they solved the mystery. However the truth has never been uncovered and we are left with plenty of theories to choose from.