8 Controversial Games That Let You Play as God

With great power comes great responsibility. When you take up the responsibility of a God you know that you have a daunting task ahead of you because you need to be able to keep your creations in perfect balance, give good orders to your people, and really try not to set the world on fire. The God Game genre is quite present in the gaming market, so we thought a list of 8 of the best games that let you play God would be in order.

godus game
The spiritual successor of the first ever God game: Populous, bases its scenario on the biblical story of Genesis, the game starting with a man and a woman saved from drowning by the player. Once led to the Promised Land they will breed a new worker who will then built a new tent and this action will be repeated throughout all the historical ages, until the player grows his population to the desired numbers. Some controversy is linked to the Kickstarter funding of this project, Peter Molyneux being judged for the decision of asking for money to develop Godus with the help of this fan-funding platform.

Reus game
Four elemental giants have the ability to shape a two-dimensional planet through terraforming, creating life and altering genes. The people that inhabit the planet cannot be directly controlled and the player can only direct their behavior by taking several actions. For example providing them with too many resources can result in greediness and an increased competition that will soon lead to civil wars. Reus offers a simple yet in depth gameplay garnered with delightful animations.

Reprisal Universe
reprisal universe
Thallos is a leader who lost all of his tribes and now he must be helped to regain his people and find his magic Amulets. There are three other leaders who rule their own populations and, in your quest to gather items and leave a legacy on the islands, you explore you’ll also have to face their threats and outsmart them. Reprisal Universe is a tribute to the pioneer of the God games genre: Populous and features 34 planets, 184 islands and 15 totem powers that can be mastered.

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Doodle God
A world creating game where you need to solve puzzles in order to create new elements such as locomotives, dragons, skyscrapers and pretty much everything you can imagine. With every new combination you will create innovative life-forms and elements that help shape the earth. But with every progress you make, unintended consequences might appear and accidents like a zombie plague are not necessarily the most helpful additions your creation needs.

The first game to have shaped the God games genre, Populous allows the player to use his divine powers to create and grow a civilization. It consists of more than 500 levels and, on each of them, you will be dealing with your own followers as well as with the ones of your enemy. Using your divine powers, such as raising and lowering land, you have to defeat your rival’s people and increase the numbers of your own tribe to be able to pass to the next level. Upon release, Populous was considered a great game and it gave birth to numerous spin offs and sequels.

From Dust
A tribe summons The Breath, an ancient god-like figure that has the power to help them seek and recover their lost knowledge. Players are able to manipulate elements such as lava, soil and water and use them to shape and restructure the islands that form the archipelago within minutes. From Dust has been appreciated for its use of physics, simulation characteristics and graphics and became a commercial success for its developing company Ubisoft Montpellier.

Develop a species from a microscopic organism to a fully evolved animal that can master social skills, gain intelligence and ultimately become a master of its planet and start its ascension into space to meet new alien civilizations. Spore is separated into stages, each of them offering a different experience and having different final goals, once the primary objective is completed the player has the option to advance to the next stage or continue playing the current one. With elements from life simulation, real-time strategy, role-playing and god-like games, Spore is one of the iconic titles of the genre.

Black & White
Another title developed under the supervision of the father of God games, Peter Molyneux, Black & White allows the player to take on the role of an almighty figure who has the power to take control over villages. The main goal of the game is to defeat the Nemesis, a malevolent god who wants to destroy all humanity and take over the world. The dichotomy between good and evil is a leitmotif than can be easily deducted even from the game’s title. The uniqueness of this game centers on the fact that the player also has a servant: a creature whose personality is shaped by the interaction with its master.