8 female Skyrim characters that have secrets you never knew about

4. Faceless Girl

Here’s another creepy encounter with a little girl, who is just casually missing her face, due to a glitch. If you’ve experienced this glitch, you might not have realized it was a glitch at first, and definitely expected her to address the elephant in the room, and as a well-mannered person you certainly wouldn’t want to bring it up and embarrass her about the whole no face thing.

3. Killing Astrid

image: wikia.com

image: wikia.com

When you’re in the abandoned shack with Astrid, you can kill her. It’s fitting, after all, since she does say “You aren’t leaving this shack until somebody dies.”

If you kill a hostage, you’ll begin the Brotherhood quest line, but if you decide to kill Astrid instead, you’ll begin a quest called “Destroy the Dark Brotherhood”. It’s not that great of a path to take, you just end up purging an area of the Brotherhood and that’s it.