The 8 Most Overpowered Weapons in FPS Games That Left Gamers Frustrated

The main attraction of a first person shooter game is primarily the weaponry available, having this in mind we decided to make a list comprising of the 8 Most Powerful Guns in FPS History.

We included a whole lot of audience suggestions and we tried to make a hierarchy based on the destructive power these guns have.

Aspects such as popularity and overall performance were taken into consideration when selecting our list of mythical firearms.

8. USAS-12Battlefield 3
USAS 12 Battlefield 3
Although this gun is featured in many FPS titles, we chose the one represented in Battlefield 3. The USAS-12 is an automatic combat shotgun that can dish our 12 shells of damage to your enemies. Developed in the 1980’s the USAS is made in Korea and has both automatic and semi-automatic select-fire modes. In singleplayer, the USAS can be looted from certain enemies during the last part of the Kaffarov mission.

7. RailgunQuake Arena III
Railgun Quake 3The Railgun is a highly powerful weapon that fires hot uranium slugs that can pierce through flesh in the blink of an eye. It is so proficient that it can kill a fully armored target in only one hit. The only drawback of the Railgun is that it has a significant cool-down period between shots but this is understandable since it’s a true destroyer once fired. If a player scores two perfect consecutive shots with the Railgun, the “Impressive” medal will be granted.

Please watch the above video for the rest of our selection.