8 Most Satisfying Moments in Gaming That Make You Feel Relieved

There are quite a lot of good times you can have in a video game but the most satisfying moment you can possibly have is when you try for about 30 minutes to get the NES cartridge to work and it finally does! Today we are pretty much past these physical challenges, all that remains to be done is to complete impossible missions, cheat death and, of course, kill that annoying antagonist that got on your nerves from the start. Nothing tastes better than victory, so let us dive into the 8 most satisfying moments in gaming.

Death from Above Skill – Far Cry 3

After you finish the quest that will give you the Death from Above skill you’ll never play Far Cry 3 the same again. No more silent stalking and stealth killing moves, from now on you’ll be the one who brings mayhem and destruction from up high.

The move itself is very impressive as you jump on the enemy’s back and you plant a knife in his neck. It also is kind of gory, but totally satisfying in terms of gameplay mechanics and results.

Killing Makarov – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

In a deeply thrilling scene, that reminds us of a classic sequence from an action movie, Makarov, the antagonist of the Modern Warfare series, keeps on surviving after being stabbed, shot and thrown out of a crashing helicopter.

He seems to be so resilient that we are inclined to think he will be the one who wins the final battle, and not the hero John Price. However after being strangled with a cable wire and falling through a glass ceiling, we are satisfied to witness yet another video game happy ending.

Falling Off a Mountain But Surviving – Skyrim

Skyrim brought us one of the most annoying moments when we were trying to go up a mountain that was too steep and we ultimately needed to circle it even though this was exactly what we were trying to avoid. But not all is dull in the world, and those seconds when you are free falling from the top of the mountain only to land all alive and kicking give you the most adrenaline filled sensation of all times.

One second you’ve given up on all hope, and the next you feel like the king of the world!

The Long Awaited Drop – Diablo

Image credit – 7-themes.com

For those of us who are really into grinding and replaying the levels over and over again until that special item drops, the most satisfying sensation is when you get exactly what you’ve been hoping for.

You will try to find that extra rare sword for days in a row, because nothing beats that awesome moment when you finally manage to complete your awesome gear. This is why, the long awaited drop is a God sent gift to many Diablo players.

Killing Bubi – Wolfenstein the New Order

Even though you do not directly kill Frau Engel, slaying her “lovely companion” Bubi is the nest best thing you could experience. After ambushing you, dosing you with a shot of Tetanospasmin, and offering you as a gift to his beloved, Bubi will ultimately stab you with a knife.

But fear not, you’ll have just enough time to miraculously recover, pull out the knife from your chest and stab him right in the side of his skull. Revenge has never tasted sweeter than this absolutely satisfyingly brutal moment!

Ellie Kills the Cannibal Leader – The Last of Us

image: last of us part 2 teaser trailer

David, the leader of a group of cannibals, is the perfect anti-hero, his destiny intertwining with Ellie’s and reaching a peak where everything falls apart and they become the fiercest nemeses.

After a lot of friction between them, with intense moments of violence, the conclusion of this animosity is reached when Ellie manages to hack David in the head, multiple times, with his very own machete that he was planning to use on her.

Winning a 1v5 – Counter Strike GO

Although it seems almost impossible to win a 1 versus 5 match once all of your teammates have died, when this thing does happen, it’s the most wonderful sensation in the world. To know that you have been so skilled as to keep on executing clutch moves the entire game, constantly eluding the opposing team, makes you feel like a true champion and this is why this specific moment is perhaps the most satisfying one you can enjoy in a video game.

Fighting Hercules – God of War 3

image via YouTube

In this battle of epic proportions you get to fight the fourth boss of the game, the legendary Hercules. After making a typical “I’m gonna win, you gonna lose and die miserably” kind of speech, this mythical giant sends his skeleton army to wear you off until he will come and show his might in battle.

But we all know that Kratos is a fierce killer who will put the arrogant demi-god into the ground. The main satisfaction is, of course, the button mashing frenzy experienced while playing, by far the best way that one could relieve some stress!