8 things gamers shamelessly lie about while playing videogames

Prepare a list of gamers who have never lied, and it might just be a short list. Almost every gamer has told a fib including even me, the great Vikram the merciful, and I’ve been mashing thumb since the age of seven.

Be it beating a boss, finding a secret tunnel, or blaming your poor connection for a loss, lies have been prevalent in gaming since the early 1800’s.

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Let us look at some of such lies which are widely used by gamers.

1. Boasts About Having A Higher K/D Ratio

Source: youtube.com/gameranx

Source: youtube.com/gameranx

K/D Ratio means the Kills and Deaths Ratio. K/D ratio is a number which is derived after dividing the total number of kills with the total number of deaths. For example if you get 10 kills in a game and die 5 times your K/D ratio is 2.

K/D ratio is actually a status symbol among the gamers, hence they lie about it all the time. There are lot a gamers who never reveal their K/D ratio to others and lies about having a better ratio than they actually have.

2. Blames Lag

Source: newtecharticles.com

This is one of the most common lies that a gamer uses when they lose a multiplayer game. There are a lot of gamers who feel that they can never be beaten unless there is lag. It’s kind of instinctive now for most of us to blame lag despite having a good connection. Maybe you should blame your newb skills, blaming lag salvages some pride despite losing or getting killed.

3. Accusing Others Of Cheating Or Hacking

Source: gohacking.com

Source: gohacking.com

This lie is prevalent in multiplayer gaming scenarios. Everyone knows that there can always be gamers who have better skills than the others but only a few of them will agree. Anyone who plays better gets called a cheater or hacker or gets accuused of using an exploit to win the match.

If you are a good player, you should have definitely been called a hacker more than a few times.