Here are Eight Times Gamers Got Into Horrible Fights Over Videogames

Gaming is a serious matter and this is why a lot of people tend to get extra passionate about their favorite pastime and jump right into confrontation over the most insignificant of matters. Sometimes the scuffles are downright hilarious due to the moves involved, but in some other cases things can really get heated up and these valiant folk need to be stopped from hurting more than their own pride.

Massive Woman Attacks Gamer at Tournament in Bizarre Video

Honestly don’t really know what the hell is going on here guys, but the title of the original upload is pretty hilarious, “Legbeard tries to tackle gamer, for some reason.” Basically the situation appears to be this, some guy is playing in a very competitive Street Fighter gaming competition, and pulls off a huge upset victory. He celebrates a bit excessively and then…

Gamers Fighting over CoD Tournament

An insane video that starts with a bare-chested guy who punches one of his friends in the face develops into something entirely different and unexpected. It seems that the people involved are fighting over a Call of Duty tournament, but the rest of the video shows them using the Force, Jedi style, and even dueling with a couple of lightsabers. It seems that this video was made to be a parody for all of the other real ones that show ridiculous fights between gamers.

Brothers Fight over Call of Duty

These two brothers got into a nonsensical fight over whose turn it is to play Call of Duty. In their violent altercation meant to prove who among them is the strongest, they almost knock over the TV that was connected to the Xbox console. Meanwhile, their older brother who was also filming this family feud, was constantly laughing at their clumsy fighting moves and overall desperation that obviously made them oblivious to how ridiculous their quarrel really was.

Men Get in Fight while Playing Madden

Two gamers got so worked up over a game of Madden, they started an impromptu fight right away, showing the entire world their mastery in the art of bitch-slapping. But the most hilarious part of the video comes at the end of the short yet very intense conflict they were having, when the two avid gamers synchronized their moves so well, they managed to knock each other out, precisely at the same time. As if it was scripted, this intense slap fight is concluded in the best of ways!

People Fighting for Games at Walmart

When a limited number of Xbox 360 games were on sale at Walmart, everyone lost their minds and transformed into a brainless angry mob, swarming around the cardboard shelves that were displaying the games. In a blink of an eye, everyone started pulling at the shelves and at each other’s clothes in an attempt to grab as many copies as possible. They were so keen on collecting the games, they simply devastated the racks, ripping them into pieces.

Numerous Gamers Fight over Pokémon Go

Fighting over the precious pocket monsters, found all over the city in Pokémon GO, was happening almost on a daily basis at the peak of the game’s popularity. Massive crowds of people could be seen hunting virtual creatures through the parks, streets and malls all over the world. Because the hype was so big, violent incidents kept on happening, people tackling other players to the ground, getting into fights and doing all kinds of crazy and violent stuff for a game that, at its core, is rather peaceful.

Nerds Get into Fist Fight over Mario Party

In what seems to be a fight over a lost bet concerning two months’ rent on a best of three game of Mario Party, a couple of “nerds”, as the original title describes them, get into a squabble. Bit by bit they become more and more violent and they apparently hit each other in the face while they’re at it, even though we cannot be sure about the authenticity of the video. However, to see two grown men get into a fist fight over a lost Mario Party game is kind of hysterical.

Brothers Get into Fight over CoD Game
Brothers should stick together and help each other out no matter what, but when one of them is a sore loser, things get out of control and the living room becomes a boxing pen. A mere game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 pitted these two brothers against each other, their mother’s intervention being needed to break them apart. Unlike the other videos where people seem to fight just for the show, this one is really intense, including crying and all the usual teenage rage paraphernalia.