The 8 Worst Guns In Videogames Ever That Left Gamers Frustrated

In a first person shooter it’s vital to have a good gun that has accuracy, speed, and stopping power. But not all the weapons that can be found in certain games are worth their weight in steel. Some of them don’t shoot straight, some are really slow, and some are straight up useless like my deadbeat uncle. For those guns that let us down and make our life a living hell, we prepared a Top 8 listing feature worst guns ever included in videogames. We took into consideration their lack of accuracy, their sluggishness, low power, and poor overall reliability.

8. MagSec 4 – Perfect Dark
magsec4perfectdarkworstguns copy
The MagSec is a military grade pistol that fires 9mm rounds. It can deal a lot of damage for a handgun and if you activate the rebound fire system it becomes even more destructive. Unfortunately it has more disadvantages that advantages mainly because it has very little to offer in terms of accuracy. Also, the fact that has an ample shot dispersion it becomes dangerous to use it as it can kill both you and your teammates.

7. The Scout Pistol – Star Wars: Battlefront

As you might know from the movies, Stormtroopers can’t shoot straight, so, in order to keep the meme alive, the Scout Pistol from Star Wars: Battlefront tries to emulate this. This gun is better used at close to mid-range distances because it doesn’t hit the target otherwise. What you have to know is that this gun is not very accurate in general and it has to be carefully used in order to hit at least some of your enemies.

Please watch the above video for the rest of the selection and gameplay footage featuring their use.