8 worst things videogames forced players to do

Games give us a lot of choices, especially modern games. Want to do good? Do good. Want to be bad? Be bad. But sometimes, we don’t have a choice, and the dark path is the only path they give us. Here are 8 times that video games forced us to do some very sinister things, whether we liked it or not.

By the way, there are spoilers ahead…

8. Sacrificing All of Humanity in The Last of Us

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This game makes you sacrifice the cure which can be obtained from Ellie by saving her instead. Sorry, humanity, Joel wanted a friend.

7. Oven Baby from The Witcher 3

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It’s rare to do any harm to children or babies in games, for instance tossing a newborn into a furnace. The Witcher 3 didn’t get the memo. Thankfully, the baby miraculously survives. On the plus side, it was a demon-baby anyways.

6. The Companion Cube from Portal

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It’s such a drag when you’ve made it past Chamber 17, only to find out that it’s the end of the line for you and your buddy the Companion Cube.

5. Tough Choices in Heavy Rain

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Either cut off a finger in Heavy Rain, or watch your son die. Neither one is a particularly good choice, especially when you’re dealing with a psychopath.

4. Diana from Hitman: Absolution

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Agent 47 doesn’t have a lot of friends, but the closest thing he has is Diana. She’s gone to bat for Agent 47, but that doesn’t stop you from having to kill her. 47 isn’t all that happy about the circumstances around these orders, but that doesn’t stop him from obliging.

3. Torture in GTA V

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GTA makes you do a lot of real bad things, but one that stands out is the torture scene, where you’re going insane a guy for information. It’s nearly ten minutes of “enhanced interrogation” where you get to choose which “tools” you use.

2. Murder Spree in Nier

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After playing through Nier, you discover that all of that wholesale Shade slaughtering you’ve been doing actually makes you kind of a monster. They’re only coming after you because you’ve killed families, friends, and are basically pure evil in their eyes.

1. White Phosphorus from Spec Ops: The Line

image: the-artifice.com

This was a gruesome scene. After ignoring your teammate’s advice about what a bad idea this is, you drop the white phosphorus until realizing that you’ve just wiped out a hostage camp as you’re forced to walk through the ruins and decay you’ve caused.