9 rumors people believed about GTA games (that were later proved true)

1. Giant beating heart inside the Statue of Happiness in GTA 4


GTA 4 has The Statue of Happiness standing over Liberty City. The statue has a seriously creepy smile which can easily unnerve anyone. To add to that, there are also rumors that there is something inside her copper rib cage, and a lot of fans think that it is big heart which keeps beating.

You can find a door which is marked with a message “No Hidden Content This Way” when you reach the top of the base of the Statue of Happiness. You can use a helicopter to reach that point. Once you reach the door, you’ll find a path which will take you to the giant chained up human heart which keeps beating. Creepy, isn’t it?

2. Movements of the serial killer and his victims can be tracked in GTA 5


In GTA 5, when you go to the right abandoned building you would be able to find the words “THERE WILL BE 8” on the wall. There are various other marks of graffiti in the game, but this particular one is considered to be important by the fans. They think that this graffiti can let us know the movements of a serial killer of the game.

The rumor started when several players claimed that they found newspapers which mentioned Merle Abrahams as the ‘Infinity Killer.’ The newspaper also mentioned that he had already murdered eight people.

Apart from this, there’s also a poem written on a rock with the number 8 scrawled around it. These indication proves that the rumors about the killer were right and the bodies can be found at the bottom of the ocean.

3. Pedestrian rain at Caligula’s Palace casino in GTA San Andreas


This was one of the craziest GTA rumors ever. Players claimed that it actually rains pedestrians in GTA San Andreas’ Caligula Palace casino. Although it sounds really crazy and impossible, the rumor turned out to be true.

You can experience it for yourself by visiting the Caligula Palace casino and by starting a shooting spree inside it. After shooting some of the NPCs, move up to the roof and you’ll see the people you killed below appearing above your head on their way down.

They’ll then splatter against the roof of the casino they same way rain does. This is actually a glitch which makes the pedestrians fall down from the sky into the roof of the casino.

4. GTA San Andreas’ mass grave


7. Ghost of Mt. Gordo in GTA 5