A connection has been found that might prove Fallout and Skyrim are set in the same universe

Two of Bethesda’s biggest games based in the same universe? Sounds crazy right? Well, not crazy enough if you pay attention to one easter egg found in Fallout 4. Details below.

It seems like there’s no end of hidden secrets tucked away in the deepest corners of Fallout 4, but if you sided with the brotherhood of steel, this one was just under your nose.

While wandering aboard the Prydwen you may have come across a research station where senior scribe Neriah is. You’ll see a collection of plants and animals, but you may have scanned past a familiar looking one.

Fallout 4 'nirnroot'

Fans of the Elder Scrolls franchise will notice the striking resemblances of the ‘experimental plant’ and the Nirnroot. Here’s a picture of said plant.

skyrim nirnroot

Sure you could say that it could be Bethesda’s way of saving time and re-using models, but the fact that this plant is only obtainable aboard the ship, and that it has been given no proper name tells me it’s an intentional attempt to get us all nerding over the possibilities of Skyrim and Fallout to be in the same universe, and it’s worked.

If the resemblance isn’t enough for you, check out some of these logs from a nearby terminal regarding the plant. Pay careful attention as there’s a lot of finer details to catch up on.

The logs give you a brief idea about what the experimental plan might actually be and it sounds all too familiar on closer inspection –

Log 1

Nirnroot log 1

Log 2

Nirnroot log 2

Log 3

nirnroot log 3

Log 4

nirnroot log 4

Log 5

nirnroot log 5

As you can see Bethesda has created a small story for this, while there’s no in depth logs about tatos, crispy squirrel bits or iguana on a stick, for example. It would also be wise not to overlook the fact the log entries are all titled with “NRT”  which might possibly be shorthand for Nirnroot.

In one of the logs it is stated that the plant was found at the mouth of a river, carrying another similarity from Nirnroot. And to put the nail in the coffin, it glows!

It’s so nice to see that while you’re out saving the commonwealth one super mutant decapitation at a time, the brotherhood of steel are out picking flowers. Real good work chaps.


This particular easter egg answers one question, Fallout and Skyrim are in the same universe, but asks more. Are the games canon? Which game comes first in the timeline?

Is it possible that Fallout comes first, humanity slowly loses the resources to maintain guns and power armor and starts again with swords and bows and picks up on Skyrim?

As of yet no official timeline has been made or theorized, but with a few more finds like this Fallout and Skyrim might just be closer together than we think.

featured image TES-51 Power Armor -Skyrim Inspired- by EdibleGrenade12