A mysterious old man has been discovered by Pokemon: Sun and Moon fans

Image: Kotaku

There are a lot of secrets in The Pokemon Sun and Moon demo. You will have to play for a couple of days in order to unearth some of those secrets. A lot of players also feel that there is one NPC behind all these mysterious events.

The NPC in question is the mysterious old man (he is actually called by that name in the Sun and Moon demo). He makes an appearance in the game at the end of the Mahalo Trail through normal gameplay. The old man can be found behind a sketchy pillar in the game. The players are now actually obsessed with him.


YouTuber GoodguyGastly, who encountered the old man while playing the demo even said, “I stayed up all night just thinking about how creepy he was.” You can imagine cow creepy that can be. He even went back near the old man and wanted to see him deliver a new dialogue.

A video of which can be seen below.

The mysterious old man says only one thing, which is to not look for him as he has nothing for you. However, the players still think that the old man is not just a joke and has something more.

Till this point no one has been able to find out anything about the old man. This could easily be a trick used by Game Freak to troll the players.


Even if the mysterious old man isn’t a real thing, the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo has other easter eggs. Player have succeeded in unearthing various secret events in the game already.