Age of Empires II is getting a massive new expansion 17 years after release

Nothing warms our hearts around the holiday season more than seeing devs able to continue to support their games nearly two decades after initial release. Age of Empires II is set to receive yet another update, this one is called Rise of the Rajas. This update adds a LOT of brand-new content, which is great for a game that first game out in 1999. The fact that there’s still demand for fresh content shows just how beloved AoE 2 really is.

image: steam

image: steam

Here’s a quick rundown of all the new additions: 

  • Burmese civilization
  • Khmer civilization
  • Malay civilization
  • Vietnamese civilization
  • Four new fully-voiced campaigns
  • New units
  • 13 new terrains

image: steam

In addition, the AI has been improved and there are a bunch of new maps, including 5 new randoms, 5 specials, and 5 real world maps, and spectator mode.

This is the 3rd expansion for Age of Empires 2, and the entire set along with the main game are available as a bundle for around $35 on Steam. If you’ve never tried out Age of Empires before, it’s worth a look, it still holds up, and you don’t need a high-end PC to run it whatsoever.


Rise of Rajas is set to release on December 19th as DLC for the Age of Empires II HD remake, and will cost just under $10.