Amazon’s CTO Offers to Help Pokemon GO’s Server Issue

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Pokemon GO has been wildly popular since its release, but the massive response from players has been causing major issues with Niantic’s servers. This is causing a lot of frustration for everyone. (I could have taken over three gyms earlier today, but the servers prevented me from doing so, and I can neither confirm or deny that I almost threw my phone out of my truck window.)

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Werner Vogels, Amazon’s Chief Technology Officer, tweeted at Niantic the other day offering his help with their server issue. He did so not to be rude, but to genuinely offer his help (and to maybe catch a Drowzee).


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A Reddit user named “djwerner” that appears to be Vogels also made a comment about the tweet in order to clarify that he did not mean to be insulting.

It is getting a little frustrating for players, including myself, to constantly deal with server crashes while trying to “catch em all.” The worldwide launch of the game has also been postponed in order to address the server issues. There is no official release date yet as to when the rest of the world can expect to start their Pokemon training. John Hanke, Niantic CEO, did say that Niantic “have made great progress in fixing the problem after a ‘great run’ of server availability this past Thursday evening Pacific Time.”


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Let’s hope that Niantic either gets their servers more stabilized so that everyone worldwide can enjoy Pokemon GO to the fullest, or that they accept the helping hand extended by Vogels and Amazon. Until then, brush up on all you need to know about playing the game with this helpful starter guide.