Armed Zookeepers are hunting for a Gorilla which has escaped from its enclosure at London Zoo

Reports are coming in that a Gorilla has escaped from its enclosure in London Zoo and currently armed keepers for on the hunt. The situation is ongoing and it’s been more than three hours since the Gorilla escaped its enclosure.

London Zoo visitors have reported seeing helicopters and zoo keepers armed with tranquilizer darts hunting for the Ape who’s managed to escape its enclosure.


Zoo visitors have been put under lockdown and are currently holed up in various areas of the zoo including a cafeteria and butterfly enclosure.

An eye witness has claimed that the escaped Gorilla is a Silverback and it threw itself at the window of its enclosure before managing to escape.

Zoo officials have issued a statement urging people to stay clear of the area till the Gorilla is captured. The ape is now on the run for more than 3 hours.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Image Credit: Getty Images

The London Zoo has a total of six lowland western Gorillas. Four of them are adults with one being male and three being females. They also have two offsprings, a girl named Alika and a baby boy named Gernot.

This situation might rub people the wrong way since just a few months ago, a Gorilla called Harambe was fatally shot after a boy fell into its enclosure at Cincinatti Zoo.

Update: Reports are coming in that the Gorilla has been captured and is safe and unhurt.