The Band Of The Bold meme gets recreated in GTA 5

You may remember Marlon Webb’s The Band Of The Bold meme from early 2016, he’s know for his short YouTube series called Ready To Monday, where he does this goofy kinda crab looking dance, it’s hilarious to the point that many other YouTube creators recreated the exact same goofy dance in various videogames, a YouTuber called ThePruld made it’s own imitation with the Dark Souls video game characters. And there’s just something about watching Dark Souls characters in Medieval armors with the company of a giant crow dancing goofily to the “Take On Me” song by A-ha.

And yes you guessed it, it really doesn’t stop there, another YouTuber named Adam Pinkman recreated the whole thing again, but this time in the Grand Theft Auto world, where you see Trevor, Michael and Franklin and another character in a Skyrim helmet dance about like a couple of goofy idiots, and it is just as weird and amusing as you could possibly imagine it.