Permanently Banned from Twitch, “Bikini Streamer” has found a new home in Youtube and also haters

Zoie Burgher was a very popular Twitch streamer before she was banned. She actually had a lot of negative attention rather than positive mainly because of her presentation during her streams. She was popular as the ‘Bikini Streamer’ in Twitch.

Burgher was recently banned from Twitch, but it doesn’t matter to her because she is finding success in YouTube now. The popular Call of Duty streamer was banned because Twitch have some restrictions in terms of showing skin during broadcasts. On the other hand, Burgher loves twerking while playing Black Ops 3 and was banned several times in the past too.


However, after her recent ban last weekend, Burgher said that something was not going right with her Twitch account. She also added that she was only wearing a Swedish outfit during her last stream, which was also flagged by Twitch as “porn or other sexually explicit content.”

You can have look at her stream in the video below:

While conversing via e-mail with Kotaku‘s Patricia Hernandez, Burgher agreed that the first couple of her bans were legal, but the latest ban was unfair on her as she didn’t misbehave or reveal much of her skin lately. She also pointed out that there were several other streamers who were wearing similarly revealing clothes as her but wasn’t handed a ban.

Despite her ban from Twitch, Burgher has been active on YouTube and have posted a lot of videos, which collectively reached millions of views.

Burgher is one streamer who has a lot of haters, who roasts her time and again. She even made a playlist of such roasts in YouTube where people even call her names. She has been called ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ numerous times in her life in the internet.


One YouTube user named Philip DeFranco said, “The argument [against Burgher that] I’ve found most interesting is that what she is doing is detrimental to the image of female gamers.”

“With Zoie being the most-watched streamer on YouTube at the time that she’s streaming, isn’t she representative of female gamers? To which I think the argument is perception-wise yes, but also on the other end, is that fair? No one’s ever looked at my videos and goes, ‘Uh, that’s so representative of guys on YouTube,” he added.

Despite all these controversies, Zoie Burgher‘s followers kept rising. According to YouTube metrics tracker site, Social Blade, she gained around 400,000 followers in about a month.


Burgher, speaking about all the controversy surrounding her said, “I stream, and all that entails: storytelling, game commentary, chat interaction, fostering a sense of community….while in a bikini.”

“What is the first thing people say about girls who are wearing ‘too little’ clothes, or about girls who are acting ‘un-lady like’?” Burgher mused. “It’s said they have no parents, they were raised badly, or never met their father. So I beat [people] to the punch line…because then maybe you’ll sit back for a moment and think—wait, is there more to this?”
She was insulted a lot of times by several people and even pundits commented on her attire. The point however is that she is successful in what she is doing and to add to that she is even a college educated girl.

“I’m a college educated girl, and I could tell you more about the Middle Eastern crisis and its centuries-long dynastic feud between the Sunni and Shi’a than anyone you have ever met,” Burgher said.

“But first I have to do 50 more jumping jacks on live camera because this guy just donated 50 dollars. Platform is power, and I don’t mind using sex appeal to get it.”

Here’s a screenshot of her tweet lashing out at Twitch‘s content policy:


Here’s a video which highlights some of her streams:

Patricia Hernandez even asked Burgher about what could be the reason of becoming such a trending YouTube topic.

She replied, “September is a slow month.”

“Most people familiar with consumer buying cycles (and therefore ad rates, the source of YouTube money) understand that the before-school consumption spike has been replaced with a media consumption lull as kids are back in school and no longer able to consume as much social media,” Burgher continued. “I have risen from 3,000 to 300,000 subscribers in 10 days , and not just 10 days, but during a time when everyone (on YouTube) is suffering from lower views, and lower audience interaction…people are competing not only for views and subscribers, but attention. Once there is sufficient attention on a subject, other YouTube channels start covering it in an attempt to capitalize on the views,” she added.



She understands that many people calls her out for using her sex appeal for her personal gains but it is fair, isn’t it?

“At the end of the day, people could be getting entertained anywhere on the internet—even on the pornographic sites people suggest as alternatives for content, but they’re not; they’re watching me,” Burgher said. “

So I will take their good faith and invest it into myself to evolve and grow as a person and YouTuber.”

“I can have a great personality all I want, but if no one’s around to experience it, how great is it really?” Burgher said.

“I aim to get an audience, and I’ve done that.”

So, Burgher is still a hot topic even after being banned from Twitch. She has now found both haters and success YouTube and is moving up at a good force.