Battlefield 1 dev confirms upcoming feature fans have been wanting since game’s release

There’s a certain feature for Battlefield 1 that fans have been asking for since launch, and originally there were no plans to include this feature, but after more and more demand grew, it’s going to be added in the form of an upcoming DLC pack.

The feature in question, among others that will be added, is the ability to play as a female soldier in multiplayer. Battlefield 1’s first female multiplayer soldier has some fans thinking that it’s about time, whereas others have criticized the move saying that DICE is ignoring realism in order to serve some kind of politically correct overlord – but these people are ignorant to the fact that women did, indeed, serve in combat roles in World War 1, so this addition to multiplayer serves to increase the realism of the game, not reduce it.

Not only that, but this is something that takes some of the most horrific and tragic moments in human history and makes them into a fun game, so let’s not pretend realism is the only objective, otherwise we’d be gearing up to deploy, not turning on a gaming console.

The first female character will be a part of the 1st Russian Women’s Battalion of Death, a real life all-woman battalion from 1917. Here’s a preview:

Overall, the reactions from fans have been positive.

The upcoming DLC is called In the Name of the Tsar, and will be centered around Russia’s role in the war. The first official gameplay footage will be revealed on June 10th, at  EA Play 2017. This DLC is expected to launch shortly thereafter.