Battlefield 1 multiplayer factions won’t include these two major countries at launch

Battlefield’s Twitter account confirmed the multiplayer factions of Battlefield 1 yesterday.


They replied with the names of the following countries when fans asked which nations will be included in the multiplayer version of the game. It looks like you can play as the following: British, German, Austro-Hungarian, Italian, Ottoman, and American.

It was confirmed that France and Russia, who played major roles in World War 1, will not feature in the game, at least in the launch build of the game. This has left the fans wondering why these two nations were omitted at launch.


This comes as quite a surprising decision on DICE’s part, considering both France and Russia played an important role in World War 1 and lost more than a million soldiers each who served on the frontlines.

However, it was revealed later that the French will be included in the multiplayer through a DLC pack. Julien Wera of DICE, in an interview with Lemonde, said that they acknowledged the importance of France’s contribution to World War 1, and hence decided to include French troops as a dedicated DLC post launch. Wera didn’t mention whether the DLC will be a paid or a free one.

Image: Battlefield 1

Image: Battlefield 1

Earlier to this, people were also critical of EA’s decision to not include female soldiers in the multiplayer version of the game.