Battlefield 1 Multiplayer gameplay: Here’s every important detail revealed during the event

Through a star studded Battlefield 1 livestream, which featured three 32 vs 32 games, we’ve learned a lot of new details regarding multiplayer in Battlefield 1.

Starting with tanks, this time around you can choose to be a tank class, which wasn’t very fleshed out in the livestream. Tanks now take damage to individual pieces, instead of the whole tank as one. There’s light, medium, and heavy tanks, all with different carrying capacities and weapons. Tanks are also different per nation you play as.


via EA

Next up is one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen in a video game. Airships. These things are massive and powerful. They’re 100% player controlled, so you can fly it anywhere on the map, but remember because of their size, it makes them incredibly difficult to maneuver.

Players can spawn inside the airship and parachute down to the ground as well. The guns on the airship can actually be shot off and will fall to the ground below, causing damage.

Now, what happens when an airship is destroyed? This is something that pushes Battlefield 1 to its limits, and it’s quite impressive that they’ve managed to make this work.

The airship will crash to the ground below, causing massive destruction where it lands, and it’s carcass will remain there for the rest of the game, creating a whole new environment.


via EA (airship starting to fall)

Battlefield 1 has dynamic weather effects that will change the flow of gameplay. So far, I’ve only heard 3 different types confirmed: sun, fog, and rain. Games can start under any 3 of the weather effects, and at any time can change throughout each match.

Sunny is obviously ideal for visibility. Rain creates beautiful effects, slippery terrain for vehicles, and hurts visibility. Fog is the real killer. It impairs vision greatly, making snipers and pilots work extra hard.


via EA (how rain looks on weapons)

Some more random features include sniper anti-vehicle rounds, the ability to charge through doors along with a charging bayonet attack, the ground changing and forming a crater when a plane flies into it, or explosions going off. The mini-map has also been reworked to include a much better idea of what’s going on around you.

Those are all the big details revealed at the event. Battlefield 1 is shaping up to be a heavy hitter this year, and may possibly be the Call of Duty killer many fans are hoping for.