Battlefield 1 – Screenshots emerge showing how different weather changes the atmosphere in-game

Battlefield 1 has managed to tick all the right boxes right from the day it was revealed. From being the most viewed trailer ever on Youtube to getting an overwhelmingly positive feedback from the gaming community, it’s done it all.

What’s more, it did a grand multiplayer reveal event loaded with pro Battlefield players and celebrities and still managed to get good press and laurels for the game looking and playing awesome.

Image: Battlefield 1

Image: Battlefield 1

Now, gamers are discovering some minor yet interesting details about the upcoming shooter from DICE everyday and this time it focuses on how the game’s dynamic weather system effects the gameworld around you.

A redditor has put together three screenshots that perfectly showcase how this system works and frankly it does look incredible. Take a look at it yourself –


Now take a look at them individually, they look really cool and realistic –

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