Battlefield 1 trailer recreated in Grand Theft Auto V shows how visually superior BF1 is

A youtuber called 57chevy150 has recreated the recently announced trailer for Battlefield 1 in Grand Theft Auto V. In case you were living under a rock, Battlefield 1 was announced last week by DICE and have received an overwhelmingly positive response.

The trailer has also broken quite a few records. It’s now the most liked trailer ever on Youtube but that’s not all, it has also beaten this year’s Call of Duty game, Infinite Warfare’s launch trailer, both in terms of reception and the number of the times it was viewed.


Coming back to the video, it is done rather well and manages to recreate the trailer for Battlefield 1 with conviction. However, you can’t help but notice how outdated GTA V’s visuals look compared to the recently announced game.

We know that the trailer was created using in-engine footage and it need not necessarily mean that the final game would look equally impressive but you can be sure it’ll be close to what was shown at the least.

Battlefield 1 goes back to world war 1 setting

Battlefield 1 goes back to world war 1 setting

That’s still far ahead of what the final build of Grand Theft Auto V looked. The PS4 version of GTA V was released merely 18 months ago. This just shows how much the industry is evolving in terms of visuals.

Keeping graphics aside, it still makes for a rather entertaining watch. Take a look below –