Here’s why Battlefield 1’s Dogfighting is the game’s most incredible feature

During World War 1, airplanes were actually a relatively new technology, and the planes of Battlefield 1’s era were chugging hard as hell just to stay in the air. The developers of the game focused heavily on flight physics and dogfighting.

With these planes it’s all about speed and inflight maneuvers, with the ultimate goal of putting missiles on target. You can really feel the weight and drag of these flying machines.

We are playing Friends In High Places: Fall From Grace. which is the second level of the Battlefield 1 Story Mode. Here we are battling for air supremacy as a pilot in the British Royal Fighting Corps. We’re flying a bi-wing two-seat attack plane.

The gunner sitting in the back is manning the machine gun which sits on a 360 degree ring mount. He can kind of just spin around and shoot at targets you the pilot can’t see.
battlefield 1 dogfight 2

Now another cool thing is the ability to fix your plane in flight, apparently all you need is a single hex wrench to repair the health of your craft in-flight.

Now something you might notice about Battlefield 1 is that the missiles are not of the locking variety. They don’t just fly off on their own, you sort of need to aim very carefully, fire them off, and cross your fingers. An in-game tip recommends firing off a barrage of missiles to ensure maximum coverage.