Bethesda immortalizes late Fallout 4 fan with their new Nuka World DLC

Bethesda have immortalised the memory of a fan who sadly passed away recently by including him as a character in the recently released Nuka World DLC. Evan, the Fallout fan, has had a character based on him in the new DLC in a fitting tribute by the games developers.

In a post on Reddit, the user NoohjXLVII described how playing Fallout 4 had helped them to cope with the death of their father a year previously.

It’s a sad post, but one in which the user feels the imperative to thank Bethesda for creating something that they felt truly helped them through what would have been a terribly difficult time.



The story unfolding in an even more tragic manner after the original post. The Reddit user continued to explain that another unfortunate event had impacted their family and himself.

The post explained that their brother, Evan, had sadly passed away at the young age of 24 due to a diabetes-related illness.



In a happier turn of events the user returned to Reddit to update the post on Evan’s inclusion in the new DLC by Bethesda. The poster wrote:

“Hey guys, it’s me again, I’m the one who posted that depressing post a couple months back, Bethesda responded to that post by turning my brother into a character that you can find in Nuka World,”.

Pretty cool tribute we’d like to think, and we hope that Evan would think so too.

Speaking with the Evan character in the game will give you a host of different animations and speech. Notably, the character will give you a Nuka-Love crafting recipe which is a notable act of kindness in a barren, unforgiving wasteland.

His brother noted that it’s what he would have wanted. Helping others that needed it.

Check out the interaction with the Evan character in a video below: