Bethesda just made killing Fallout 4’s most hated character possible and fans couldn’t be happier

If you’ve played Fallout 4, you must have heard the name Marcy Long. She’s without a doubt, one of the most hated characters to have come up in the Fallout universe and by far the most frowned upon character in Fallout 4.

However, with her being an essential character, up until now, fans weren’t able to kill her since the game doesn’t allow that, no matter how much torture players bestowed upon her.


But all of that changes now with the release of Fallout 4‘s latest patch. The patch finally allows players to kill Marcy Long since she’s been ticked off the list of essential characters after you complete “Sanctuary”.

The patch also bought with it some other minor changes that you can view here.

This might seem like a strange change, but if you’ve been following the Fallout 4 community, you will know that fans have long demanded they be able to kill this character as nothing would make them happier (in-game), and Bethesda just did a bit of fan service by allowing them to do so with the latest update.


Players have already begun celebrating this change and Marcy Long has been murdered in as many innovative and gruesome ways as possible within the game. People over Reddit seem really excited about the prospect of being able to kill her.


Things aren’t going to be good for Marcy moving forward and the whole community is sure to enjoy getting rid of her. The hatred for her has been strong ever since the game came out, and now Bethesda itself has¬†given their nod of approval.