Blizzard Confims This Overwatch Character is Autistic

Blizzard has done a lot to be very inclusive in Overwatch and they have put together a very diverse cast of characters. Sometimes, people complain about it or say that it feels kind of shoehorned in, but they’ve also earned a lot of praise for these decisions and made a lot of people feel more represented in gaming, or in this game at least.


The aspects of social awareness don’t have an impact on the gameplay itself and there’s no story mode, so it should be the type of thing you either don’t really care about, or that you think is great. It’s hard to understand why people are getting truly upset over this Overwatch lore. From plus-size characters, to LGBT characters, and now an autistic character, Blizzard isn’t afraid to tackle themes that you generally don’t find in AAA video games.


Imagine you’re an autistic kid, you have a tough day at school, maybe people give you a hard time and you don’t always fit in with your peers, you just want to come home and take your mind off things with your favorite games, and then you find out that there’s a character that is like you. Awesome!

Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that this Overwatch character is, in fact, autistic, something which fans had been speculating about. Here’s a letter he wrote to an Overwatch player:

image: tumblr

This confirmed fan-theory developed in one of the Overwatch comics, in which Symmetra said:

“Asking where I fit on the spectrum… It used to bother me. Because I knew it was true. It doesn’t bother me anymore. Because I can do things nobody else can do.”