This Call of Duty April Fool’s Mode Was So Good, Players Want it Added Permanently to the Game

April Fools pranks usually land somewhere between cheesy, pointless, a waste of time, and maybe a small chuckle. Usually, we can’t wait for the day to be over so that everything even remotely interesting that we hear about doesn’t run the risk of being a fraud.

Well, Raven Software actually managed to do something pretty cool for April Fools Day with MW Remastered, and people are hoping that it’ll stick around.

Prop Hunt is based on a mode from Garry’s Mod called PropHunt, where players have 30 seconds to turn into a prop and hide themselves somewhere in the map. It’s kind of like hide and go seek, if you could shape shift.

Can you spot the prop?

Haven’t you always wanted to be a garbage can or a dumpster? Now your dreams can come true. The other team runs around the map trying to find you. In order to win, the hunters either need to eliminate every prop, or the props just need one of their own to survive. The props have flash bangs and can change their appearance twice in a match.

If you make a new game mode as a joke, and people like it enough, why not bring it back?

The mode also got a lot of play while it was around, that can’t all be strictly due to the novelty of it, people actually enjoyed it.

Update: The leader designer for Raven Software has confirmed that Prop Hunt will return.