Call of Duty: WWII first screenshots leaked, show a game we all have been waiting for

After weeks of leaks, Activision confirmed its next Call of Duty game is indeed going to be one named Call of Duty: WWII. However, it only posted a teaser image announcing the name of the game and the day more information will be revealed: April 26.

However, for a very brief period of time, three small images that appear to be screenshots from the game, were visible on the company’s official website. Some eagle-eyed visitors managed to download them.

The images, which were visible on the website’s login page, show a guy holding a Thomson submachine gun, another one shows the back of a group of soldiers being viewed from a Trench, while the final one shows a front-facing soldier, again holding a Thompson.

The images have been replaced from the company’s website but do look authentic. We can expect a full blown trailer and more information for the Sledgehammer Games developed title to be revealed on April 26.