Call of duty: WWII will have this popular feature Battlefield 1 was criticized for lacking

Call of Duty: WWII will have a feature that many gamers found sorely lacking in Battlefield 1 – the presence of female soldiers.

A Sledgehammer Games co-founder confirmed that there will be female characters playable in the multiplayer for the game via a Tweet:

However, some people didn’t like the revelation as they complained that World War II didn’t have female soldiers and hence it is historically inaccurate. However, they’re missing the fact that female soldiers were in fact a major part of both the French Resistance and also on the Russian Front.

Agreed, they didn’t play that big a role in the U.S Army, but saying it’s historically inaccurate is a stretch.

That’s not all, Codrey has also confirmed that there will be at least one playable female protagonist in the single player campaign as well.

Expect more details to be revealed at E3 when the game’s multiplayer will be getting a full reveal.