Call of Duty: WWII’s nazi zombie image has a secret code, nobody knows what it means

One of the best revelations during yesterday’s new Call of Duty game reveal was the news that it’ll feature a standalone co-op Nazi Zombie mode.

Now, things have been made even better with the discovery of a secret cypher that eagle eyed Call of Duty fans have discovered.

The discovery was first made on Reddit and soon popular Youtuber Ali-A twitted with the possible text the code hides –

The Reddit post gives you a zoomed in version of the image that has the words barely visible:

Speculations are rife that the words are an enigma code used by the Germans in World War II. Another user feels it means “Nazi Zombies” but just in a different language. We highly doubt the developers will go through the trouble for that.

Nobody has been able to definitively say what the words exactly mean, and we’ll update this article if any breakthrough is made in that regard.