Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare dev warns that quickscoping in the game won’t be easy but possible

Infinite Warfare

A long-standing and traditional mechanic of online play in Call of Duty – and most FPS in general – is the ability to quick-scope. Ever since online play was revolutionised and popularized with Modern Warfare, players have been quick-scoping. That could potentially come to an end with the forthcoming release of Infinite Warfare.

Some players live and die by their ability to quick-scope and would be disappointed to see a complete change to their skill-set. Judging by the comments made by one of the project directors for the new game, players may need to brace themselves for a change in the multiplayer experience after all.

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The Multiplayer Project Director at Infinity Ward – Infinite Warfare’s developer – has stated recently that quick-scoping won’t exactly be “easy.” The director, Jordan Hirsch made comments recently to Playstation Lifestyle, where he remarked:

Quick-scoping is possible. I wouldn’t say it’s easy! Most of the sniper rifles are balanced to be a difficult one-shot kill. So you have to get a headshot in order to get that one-shot kill, (especially) quickscope. So it is a possibility.”

Regarding the comments, it’s unknown as to what Hirsch really means. Does he mean that quick-scoping will be entirely different or just that more harder than in previous installment?



Essentially, any change to the quick-scoping dynamic would be an issues of balance. Quick-scoping is not for everyone and frequently incurs the rage of the player on the other end of the lens. So, Hirsch’s comments may just mean that when rebalancing the multiplayer experience for IW, quick-scoping will be changed as an inherent part of that rebalancing.

But still, quick-scoping is arguably an integral, player-honed skill that appeals to a large section of players involved in that multiplayer experience. Completely rewriting would not be without its criticism.