You Can Now Buy Official PlayStation Furniture For Your Home

If your home is looking a little less geeky than you’d like then you might want to check out this newly-released and officially-licensed PlayStation furniture.

Credit: Sony/Pottery Barn

Launched as a part of Pottery Barn’s new teen line, the PlayStation range includes storage solutions, bean bags, wall lights and a pretty nifty gaming station.

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Unfortunately, the range is only available in the US, for now, but maybe if it proves successful the rest of the world will get it…

Credit: Sony/Pottery Barn

The PlayStation/Pottery Barn collab isn’t the cheapest way to deck out your home, but it will look cool as hell if you do fork out for it all.

Credit: Sony/Pottery Barn

Right now, you can get yourself a PS Icon Wall LightAcrylic Storage Cubbies which hold up to eight games plus your headset, the gaming station, Lounge Table and Bean bag.

Credit: Sony/Pottery Barn

Prices range from a pretty expensive $69 for the cubbies, to an eye-watering $1,099 for the gaming station.

Credit: Sony/Pottery Barn

If these are a little out of your budget then there’s still plenty of options to geek-ify your home.

Etsy seller RJLfurniture is currently selling this jaw-droppingly cool PlayStation One-inspired desk for just £219.99, and you’re getting a one-of-a-kind piece.

Credit: Etsy/RJLFurniture

Or you could go even cheaper, and pick up these minimalist PS button decorations for less than £10, from Etsy seller MaryEllaCreations.

Credit: Etsy/MaryEllaCreations

What do you think about the range? Would you deck your home out in these pieces of PlayStation furniture?