You can play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for free right now

Did you hold off buying Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare because of its space setting? Were you not convinced about spending your hard earned money on it?

Well, fret not as you can play the game for free all weekend on Steam. Activision’s running a promo that makes the game ‘free to try’ for the entire weekend, starting right now till Sunday 9 pm GMT.


However, only the multiplayer’s free-to-play under this promo. This means you can’t access the single player component of the game. But don’t lose hope as the game’s been put on sale till March 2. If you fancy buying the game, you can purchase it for just half its regular price till March 2.

This means you only need to pay $29.99 for getting the game. It is a great chance for anyone who is still on the fence about giving the game a whiz. Head over here if you would like to do so.