Chicago “Gangster” Pulls Gun Out on Creepy Clown Attempting to Scare Him

Clowns are both creepy and comic. As Halloween is near, a lot of people might have planned to dress up as clowns already.

But have you ever imagined that someone would even pull out a gun at a clown who was just passing by the street?


Such an incident happened in Chicago when a gangster pulled out a gun on one of the clowns who was wandering in the streets. I am not sure what was the actual reason behind that, but I can assume it can be out of frustration because the clowns are taking it too far these days. They are even chasing people.

However, the gangster limited himself to scaring the clown and not shooting him. The clown, on the other hand ran from the place out of fear.


These kind of instances are not funny at all and people must keep themselves away from such situations before something worse happens.

Here’s the video: