Clash of Clans Cheats: How to get unlimited Gems, Experience and more


Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile video games ever and today we present to you the best Clash of Clans cheats. The game developed by Supercell was first released in iOS and Android platforms in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

Clash of Clans went on the become the highest revenue generating game in both Android play store and iOS store in 2015, with estimated revenues of $1.5 million per day.

Here are some important tips which will help you in your progress in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans Cheats: Tips



Join a Clan – Your first target in the game should be to join a clan and you can do it once the clan castle is rebuilt. After you join a clan, you can win more goodies by battling against other opponents. Remember, while fighting battles along with friends you need to have a good coordination. You also need to donate troops to your friends to support them and make sure you donate according to the plan.

More Clan People – Your next target should be to have more people in your clan. You can invite your Facebook and Game Center friends to play the game and have their Clan Castle rebuilt. You can then make them join your clan and play as a team. To send invite to your friends you need to tap their name and choose ‘Invite’ option from the context menu.

Shield – Shield protects you getting attacked by other players for a particular amount of time. The shield, however is lost when you attack other players or once the stipulated time is up. You also earn a shield for 12 hours when your village is destroyed by someone. Longer lasting shops can also be bought from the game’s shop. Your village can also be protected by defensive buildings, traps and walls etc. if you don’t have a shield. More details about the defense strategy is described below.

Smart Building – It is advisable that you build your structures in your village close together. This strengthen the defensive capability of your village. Your defensive weapons and turrets will be able to defend the village well when the structures are more compact.



Move and Make – The game provides you with an opportunity to move the buildings from one position to another. You can easily rearrange your village after you have already made the structures. You can use this feature to make the best possible defense for your village.

Gems – You should not waste you gems at the very start and save them for important purchases. Make sure that you don’t use gems to shorten your timer as it works only once. There is no use in hurrying up the process of building or training by using gems. You should be patient and use those gems only when they are needed. You can also receive gems by clearing trees or rocks from your village. To know how to get more gems continue reading the article.

Some quick tips:

  • You can set up a mortar which will give you massive firepower in the defense.
  • Cannons are also useful defensive weapons which protects your village.
  • Towers can help you from aerial attacks, make sure you build them around your village.
  • While attacking, blow the walls of your enemies village and don’t wait for the troops to destroy them as you can lose some of them in this process.




Tips for the beginners:

  • When you are attacked by some other opponent, you don’t have to worry about your buildings or structures being lost. Only things you are going to lose are gold and elixir. The ruined buildings will spring back to life once you log back onto the game.
  • Make sure that you don’t put the structures of your village too much apart. When you place a particular structure inside your village, an area is highlighted and the enemies cannot put their troops in there. So, you must not leave any hole between the structures where the opponents can put their troops.
  • You’ll always have to defend your village from all the directions. There is a common misconception that putting the structures towards an edge of the screen helps defensively. Attackers can easily attack there aren’t any defensive measures taken in such edges.
  • As we mentioned earlier build your village in a compact shape. This help actually helps your village defensively a lot. Also make sure you have every type of defensive covers such as mortar, canon, archer, air defense etc. as you are defended from all types of attacks.


Tips for intermediate players: 

  • Your first aim should be to rebuild the clan castle and join a clan. Once you are done, try to fill your clan castle by requesting troops for your clan castle before you log off the game. Remember the soldiers in the army camps are only good for attacking and not for defense, so the troops in the clan castle can be handy in defending your village. This extra troops can be of great help when you attack too.
  • If you are not in one of the top clans and have already got your third builder, you should definitely after more gold and elixir rather than trophies. You can place your town hall outside your village walls, if that is the case. When the town hall is placed outside the walls, the attackers will destroy it and give them automatic victory with one star and earn you a shield. The loss shouldn’t actually matter much for you as your main aim is protecting the gold and elixir. In case you have a great base and are after wins and trophies and not after gold and elixir just do the opposite. Place the town hall inside and put the gold and elixir holding things outside your walls.


Tips for pro players: 

  • If you are going to log off from the game, make sure you fill your army camps with troops. You should also use your elixir wisely in creating troops which are only suitable for your attack.
  • Wall breakers are important things while going for an attack or a loot. You must always train as much wall breakers you can in each barracks. The wall breakers are actually the most expensive when we consider their housing space. Their housing space being one, and priced at 3000, it’s a whole lot. However, you can borrow back the elixir and use it somewhere by untraining the wall breakers if they goes unused.

Clash of Clans Cheats: How to get unlimited Gems

Gems are the most precious thing in the game. A few additional gems in the game always helps. You can get some additional gems in the game by following the mentioned ways.

Clear the Field: Removing obstacles like trees, rocks and bushes from your village will occasionally give you gems.

Achievements: You can also earn gems in Clash of Clans by hitting certain milestones. There are various such milestones which can give you gems once they are achieved. Some of such milestones are listed below:

Nice and Tidy – This milestone is all about keeping your village neat and tidy. You can keep your field tidy by clearing various obstacles. Once you hit the milestone you will be awarded with gems. For example, if you clear 500 obstacles you can get 20 gems.

Sweet Victory! – This milestone can earn you a whopping 450 gems. This need you to win 1250 trophies in multiplayer, which is not that tough. You can easily add a builder by adding 50 more gems to what you earn.




Clash of Clans cheats: In app purchases



Clash of clans gives an opportunity to the players to make in app purchase using both real world cash and hard earned gold an elixir. Some of the items which are essential for making the progress in the game are listed below.

Note: Prices may vary in different region. Please check your device for your local price.


Item: Elixir Collector
Cost: 150 Gold

Item: Gold Mine
Cost: 150 Elixir

Item: Builder’s Hut
Cost: 500 Gems

Item: Elixir Storage
Cost: 300 Gold

Item: Gold Storage
Cost: 300 Elixir




You can buy from a vast variety of flower beds, torches, flags, ornaments etc to decorate your village. You can buy these items from the decorations section using Gems, Gold or Elixir.


If you want to strengthen your army and make more great attacks here are some items you need to buy.

You can select to buy from the following list.

Item: Army Camp
Cost: 250 Elixir

Item: Laboratory
Cost: 25,000 Elixir

Item: Barracks
Cost: 200 Elixir


Defense is one of the most important aspects in Clash of Clan. You should always keep the defense of your village strong against any attack.

You can buy some of the items from the following list to strengthen your defense.

Item: Cannon
Cost: 250 Gold

Item: Wall
Cost: 200 Gold

Item: Bomb
Cost: 400 Gold

Item: Spring Trap
Cost: 2,000 Gold

Item: Giant Bomb
Cost: 50,000 Gold

Item: Archer Tower
Cost: 1,000 Gold

Item: Mortar
Cost: 8,000 Gold

Item: Air Defense
Cost: 22,500 Gold

Item: Wizard Tower
Cost: 180,000 Gold



Clash of Clans Cheats: Shield

Shield can protect your village from getting attacked. You can pick up a shield from the three packages listed below.

Item: One Day Shield
Cost: 100 Gems

Item: One Week Shield
Cost: 250 Gems

Item: Two Day Shield
Cost: 150 Gems

How to find a Match



The number of trophies you have is dependent on the player vs player matchmaking scenario. The level which the players are in aren’t taken into account in such matches. This actually results in lower level players being attacked by higher level players or vice versa, if their trophy count is almost the same.

Gold and Elixir

You are always awarded with Gold and Elixir when you are able to win in an enemy fortress. When you win a battle, all the troops that are deployed in the attack are actually lost. So, you must be careful while deploying troops and should overdo it.



The troops which you have not deployed on the other hand returns to the army camps. However, you have nothing to worry in case you over deploy troops as the surviving ones after the battle is finished converts into elixir, which can be used to train their replacements.

Use real word cash

This is from where, the developer of the game SuperCell‘s money come from. The players who uses real world cash can progress in the game faster than the others. While there are some people who opposes micro transactions, there are others who support it. The game, however is free to play for all, whereas it’s completely the players choice to opt for real cash transactions.

Here are some of the options to spend real world cash in Clash of Clans:

500 gems = $4.99

1200 gems = $9.99

2500 gems = $19.99

6500 gems = $49.99

14000 gems = $99.99

We hope these Clash of Clans cheats will help you master the game.