Club Penguin players are competing against each other to create the most absurd record

Club Penguin hardly has a month left before Disney permanently pulls the plug on its online servers, however, it’s getting more users than ever for the weirdest reasons.

Speedrunners are flocking the game in the hopes of creating this strange record, that of getting permanently banned from the game in the quickest possible time.

The trend picked up on Reddit and soon it had its own sub reddit called Banned from Club Penguin subreddit. The record set by a user named ButtonWalls got the most attention initially.

He got himself banned in under two minutes. It was just the tip of the iceberg though, as more and more people took it upon themselves to play the game, just to find out how quickly they can get banned.

It is to be noted that it’s quite easy to get banned in the game as uttering any offensive words in the chat room is grounds for a permanent ban, as Disney is very strict on censorship since the game is targeted towards a young audience.

Coming back to this bizarre speedrun, a website which tracks the best speedruns for any game,, now has its own “Banned” category that tracks the quickest times a player got banned from Club Penguin.

Buttonwall’s not even in the picture anymore, as more and more users has created of insane new records. A user named 2kRN4U has managed to get himself banned in just 37 seconds, which is the best time and holds the record for now.

Club Penguin will permanently shut down March 29, but don’t get too sad as there are plans to create a new mobile version of the game once its predecessor ceases to exist. No word on a release date yet.