You Complete Everyday Chores With Guns in This Weird Virtual Reality Game

The American Dream is a pretty generic title for a video game. It offers no real message to players what the game will really entail. Well, it involves guns and performing tasks with them. Eat with the aid of guns, go bowling with guns, wash the dishes with erm… guns. Everything with guns. Sounds American enough, I guess.

I mean, who doesn’t want to perform household duties or meaningless tasks with the aid of 9mm pistols? Well, not me. Or probably you for that matter. But someone out there does. Anything to exercise out that second amendment nice and clear. The game, which will be released for VR and is developed by Samurai Punk, takes a 50-inspired aesthetic and throws in a number of pistols to do just about anything with.


Although the dev team are based in Australia and not the US, they assure players that the game is not so much a sarcastic satirizing of lax U.S gun laws and culture. They instead insist that it’s a refreshing look at a first-person shooter in which things other than just people can be shot at.

The dev team note that when graphics started to really improve for video games, one of the first things that studios did was to make violent, stylized games where the aim was to kill as many people as you could with an extensive arsenal of firepower. Samurai Games aim to provide a different, somewhat safer and lighter experience.

The game involves an on-rails experience in which the player must navigate a theme park inspired and based upon a section of Disneyland. See a light-switch and want to turn it off? Shoot it. Want to get someone’s attention? Shoot the gun. Make the holes in donuts? Make the holes by shooting the donuts.

The American Dream will launch sometime next year, and if you’re a gun-nut it might be for you. Then again, it might also just be taking a sly dig at you.