How A Console Overwatch player proved PC Elitists wrong in the most epic manner

A youtuber called DSPStanky released a video few months ago, that showed him absolutely destroying his opponents and humiliating them.

He was playing the console version of Overwatch, and one of the biggest complaints from his obliterated opponents was that he would “never be able to do it” on a PC.


The player took this up as a challenge and begun playing the game on PC competitively. He got better at the game as he played more, climbed the rankings, and eventually did the same thing to his naysayers that he did with the console version; completely destroyed them.

He went on to upload a video on Youtube aptly titled “Vindication” that shows his adventures with the PC version of the game, and how he went on to shut off his haters in the most savage manner possible.

He also shared some tips for budding Overwatch players about how they can also accomplish similar goals that he himself managed to do:

You can more precisely control your wall jumps by switching to heals before jumping off a wall since it’s slows you down. You can also make yourself harder to hit by switching back and forth at the right times to make it harder for people to get used to your rhythm. It also allows you to squeeze out every last drop of healing while still maintaining your speed.

The best part is some of the comments that the video got once he uploaded it. The universe literally came a full circle.


Check out the video below: