Controversial Twitch-Banned Dick Pic Game Makes a Return in HD, is Completely Free

An HD version of the suggestive indie game Cobra Club is now available for free on Windows PC, Mac and Linux. The designer of the game described it as “a title about body image, privacy and dick pics.”

The game is now being hosted on the personal page of the creator, Robert Yang. Although the game is available for free there’s also a “pay as you want pricing” for the customers on the service it’s hosted on. However, Cobra Club isn’t using that model and is absolutely free to download.

Robert Yang mentioned the main reason behind making Cobra Club HD available for free during the Game Developers Conference 2016. According to him, payment processing sites like PayPal ban sellers from selling materials or services which are sexually oriented and videogames have always been put into that category. This is why Yang cannot use any payment services to sell his sex-oriented projects.


Cobra Club is a game totally based on sexuality. The game openly holds sexual discussions. The most notable changes in the revamped version of the game are allowing the genitals to snap photos, strap-on support and a unique new pubic hair slider. New photo filters are also added using which the players can decorate their male avatars.

Yang wrote on the download page of game, “If selfies argue that all faces are worthy of memory, dick pics show how all cocks are worthy of consideration.”

The new version also sends all the personal or in game snapshots of the players to a separate Tumblr site, which will make sure that no personal materials are stolen.

Cobra Club Dick Pic Game 3


The original game Cobra Club, along with Rinse and Repeat, were banned from Twitch for containing overly sexualized content. Rinse and Repeat was banned because it showed a man getting intimate with other men in a public shower.

Yang was furious when his game was blacklisted and questioned Twitch’s code of conduct. He brought up the same topic again during GDC 2016, where he said, “If I were cynical, I would say that Twitch allows plenty of sex and nudity in games with big publishers, but isn’t nearly as ‘understanding’ with small indie games.”

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He went on to add during his lecture, “Everyone loves to play games! Some of these games are about sex!” Don’t ban games just because they are about sex. Society will not collapse. Chill out. Get over it.”‘

The original version of Cobra Club was released in May 2015. You can read Robert Yang’s full lecture on game nudity here.