Crazy League of Legends Player Rams His Head Into Monitor After Losing a Match

Nobody likes to lose, that’s why its called losing and not winning. But it happens to everyone. Some people handle it a little better than others…

The problem with random teams in a game like League is that it can make or break the whole experience, and in a city called Lanzhou in China, this guy’s terrible teammates broke more than just the experience. They broke him, and he in turn broke a monitor.


Frustrated with an incompetent team, this guy slammed his head through the computer screen and had to be helped by staff while others looked on and took photos. It looks like he’s bleeding from his head.


A local reporter visited the internet cafe where this all went down, and confirmed that it did in fact take place, but they had already thrown out the broken monitor. But this still seems kind of fishy, how was he able to break such a clean hole on it? Take a look at  your computer screen, could you imagine ramming your head into it and breaking a perfect hole, and having the monitor just sitting in the exact same spot afterwards? It seems unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

What’s the most damage you’ve ever done to your own (or someone else’s) property after losing a game? Ever smashed a controller over lag, or thrown something across the room? Even the biggest rage-quitters probabally wouldn’t put their head clean through a flat screen, this guy is taking it to another level.