Dan Bilzerian Gives Rare Peek of His Gaming Room

Earlier today, notorious uber-rich playboy Dan Bilzerian gave us a rare look at his new gaming room via his Instagram story. Even though Dan has a penchant for showing off his life, his gaming room is rarely featured on any of his social media pages.

Credit: Dan Bilzerian (Instagram)

Dan is a huge Call of Duty fan, so his gaming setup is console based, with plenty of huge TVs set up across the room. He’s posted before about playing Call of Duty with Playboy model Lindsey Pelas (see first picture). He’s also close friends with DJ Steve Aoki, who is a gamer as well and a huge supporter of eSports.

Credit: Dan Bilzerian (Instagram)

As nice as Dan’s set-up is, I can’t help but be a little disappointed to be completely honest. For someone as rich and flashy as he is, I expected something a little more extravagant.

All of his peripherals are top of the line, the TVs are beautiful, and the room’s layout is nice, but it lacks the level of opulence that we usually see from Dan. Maybe we would see something a little more crazy if he were a PC gamer as well.

Here’s an older photo of his 5 monitor setup at is Vegas house: