Days Gone: Sony’s PS4 Exclusive Survival Horror Game Gets First Details

Sony Bend unveiled Days Gone during their press conference at E3 last night. They revealed both the cinematic and the gameplay trailer during the event.

Along with the two amazing trailers, Sony Bend didn’t provide much information during the press conference. However, PlayStation Blog didn’t take much time to reveal more details about the new game which is currently in development.


The blog post reveals the name of the protagonist of Days Gone, which is Deacon St. John. It also let us know where the game is set and how the zombies came into the game.

The post details:

This is a brutal world, where everyone and everything are struggling to survive – but hopefully, the trailer shows that the game is about more than that. It’s about desperation, hope, transformation, loss, madness, discovery, friendship, exploration, brotherhood, regret, and love. In the end, Days Gone is what makes us human. It’s about how even when confronted with such enormous tragedy, we find a reason to live. Hope never dies.


The game is set in the Northwest Pacific region of the US. The players will have a lot of roads to explore in the open world game. They will also get a chance to look out for new quests and things to do in Days Gone.

The creatures that look like zombies are actually Freakers. Freakers are mindless feral creatures which are more animal-like than zombies. There will be two types of such creatures in the game which keeps evolving – Newts and Hordes.

Newts, which are also opportunistic hunters, are adolescents that were infected by the global epidemic which wiped out most of the earth’s population two years ago.


The horde, on the other hand can be see in the gameplay trailer. They generally attack in groups and makes it very tough for you to escape. Their unpredictable nature and their positioning is also a matter of worry. They can either roam around in the road or stay back in resourceful locations.

However, the protagonist Deacon, who is an outlaw biker has a great set of skills, can face any difficulties that might come his way.

Days Gone will release as a PlayStation 4 exclusive but there’s no release date yet. You can view the announce trailer below.