Deadpool Just Trolled Hugh Jackman With The Most Brutal Tweet Yet

In the world of comic book movies, they don’t come much more macho than Deadpool and Wolverine. Replicating their comic book romance, Deadpool is joining in on the recent trend of 10 Year Challenge and adding his usual twisted sense of humour to the idea.

If you’ve been hiding under a rock and avoiding social media in recent weeks, you might’ve missed news feeds being overtaken by the 10 Year Challenge. Basically, you find the ugliest picture you can from a decade ago and put alongside a more recent pic that shows you at your overexaggerated best.

Posting on Twitter, the Deadpool movie account (not Ryan Reynolds) trolled Hugh Jackman’s legendary turn as Wolverine. Jackman played the clawed Canadian from 2000 to 2017, rounding off his tenure with James Mangold’s acclaimed Logan*Spoilers* Wolverine doesn’t make it out of that movie alive.

The tweet shows where Wolverine was in 2009 and where he is in 2019. The biggest kick in the nuts is the 2009 picture is taken from X-Men Origins: Wolverine — possibly one of the worst superhero movies of all time. The tweet got us right in the feels, and it seems that fandom took it the same way too.






Despite Logan’s heartbreaking twist, Mangold’s noir Western is up there with superhero movies like The Dark Knight when it comes to fan adoration. No movie is perfect, but Logan had us reaching for the tissues as we waved goodbye to both Wolverine and Jackman’s time as the cigar-chomping hero.

In real-life Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are best buds, with the man behind Deadpool repeatedly begging Jackman to suit up for the ultimate buddy movie. Sadly, it’s doubtful that we’ll ever get to see that Deadpool/Wolvie crossover we’re hoping for.

Hugh Jackman Wolverine

20th Century Fox

Still, Disney is edging closer to acquiring Fox, which would see characters like Deadpool and Wolverine strapped to the tight leash of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wolverine might be six feet under for now, but expect the MCU to reboot and recast with someone else in the role.

The internet is awash with potential fan art that imagines everyone from Keanu Reeves to Zac Efron as Wolverine. In the meantime, there’s plenty of X-Men movies featuring Jackman to pass the time.

[Featured Image: 20th Century Fox]