Developer accuses Call of Duty: WWII of copying this popular game’s boxart

Sledgehammer Games is developing this year’s recently confirmed Call of Duty title named CoD: WWII (Call of Duty: World War II). After meddling with the future setting for a few years, the series is all set to return to its world war II roots this year.

Activision promised a full reveal on April 26 and also released what appears to be the boxart of the game. The boxart features a soldier that is wearing the US Army’s signature helmet staring right at us.

However, a popular game developer, Randy Pitchford, has pointed out that it features a striking resemblance to another world war themed game released years ago.

We’re talking about Gearbox developed Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway, a 2008 game, that features a boxart uncannily similar to the one of Call of Duty: WWII.

The tweet below seems to suggest that Pitchford feels Activision are aware of the similarities and intentionally decided to copy the design.


To be fair, videogame boxarts aren’t winning any innovation awards, and most of them are similar to each other, especially those belonging to recently released games. Activision gets the benefit of doubt here going by the fact how similar most videogame boxarts look these days.